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Championship Season!

All of the Canadian Age-Groupers have there championship season, and I believe that the USA is in their long course/champ season, so best of luck to everyone competing in these next couple weeks! 

I’ll be at the Canada Cup in Montreal in July, as well as Sr. Nationals! If anyone is going to be at either of these, feel free to inbox me and I will come find you! =) 

abjecti0n asked: Hey! My name's Sam, and I'm about to start a video series about how to improve each of the four competitive strokes, starts, turns, and any other components of swimming that I can think of. Do you have any tips or tricks that you think I should include in my videos? Thank you so much!

For freestyle: do not drop your hand and THEN pull. Reach, pull. Not reach, drop, pull. 

Starts: Streamline.

Turns: Knees to your chin, knees together, explode off the wall.


Anonymous asked: hey would you be able to update your blog more frequently? you make awesome posts but don't seem to post them enough!!

Hello anon, perhaps you should consider submitting somethings! It’s really hard to maintain a blog when I only get one submission every month. 

Stupid Question

Hello my beloved followers, I have a question to put out to you. A teammate and I were arguing as to whether or not it is possible to sprint a 200. Personally, I think yes, because well… I do it. It’s painful but I don’t consciously go slower or faster or pace… I just go. 

What does everyone think? Do you think it’s possible/do you sprint the 200?    

Le Me: I hate Swimming. 
Le Friend: Then why do you swim?
Le Me: …. Because I love it.

Don’t try to understand.